Saturday, September 29, 2007

Treasures From My Swap Buddy - Jerusalem Greer!

Jerusalem Greer is a very talented and creative woman...You need to check out her blog at:
She made this adorable little Halloween Door Hanger for me and I quickly found a place for it on my front porch!

She also made me this gorgeous treasure of a Happy Halloween Banner! I love it. It's constructed from great papers, beautiful, vintage-style lettering and then, each letter is circled with tons of fabulous and sparkly black glitter! So wonderful - you all must know how much Sparkly means to me by now!!!

A totally GREAT pin for Fall! Old buttons...can't go wrong with those! I love Autumn Leaves and since we live in California, we don't see real autumn leaves until practically January......this will be very fun to wear! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL THE WONDERFUL TREASURES JERUSALEM! I love everything! This was very fun and I hope you enjoy what I sent to you!


beans said...

way cute, Kim! And what a name, Jerusalem! Man, you're all ready for Halloween. I would trick-or-treat at your house for sure.

Kim said...

Please come Trick or Treating at my house!!! I will make you a special caramel apple or something and it would be safe to eat and delicous.

Sarah said...

Your house looks so cute and festive! I think I have Fall fever now!

Jerusalem said...

I am sooo glad you love everything! I got your wonderful package the day we left for our trip and haven't had a chance to post about it yet, but I LOVED it all! The bracelet is so beautiful and perfect! Thanks again for everything - you were a great swap buddy! Sorry I didn't get that crown finished for that shower.... Not enough hours in the day! I will let you know when I post about your swap to me!