Saturday, September 01, 2007

Ryan's 16th Birthday last week....time for cake!

I love cake....and any reason to eat it.

But, I love Ryan more...and now he's 16 whole years old. Time has flown and now he spends a good deal of his time yearning to "fly" down the highway in my car. For now, here's pictures of him, his cake, my little grandsons - Grant and Nathan.


Caleen said...

can't believe he is 16!! What a cutie! Your Grandsons are soooooooo
darling!! Love Nathan sucking his
thumb.. so sweet!!

Manda said...

16?! No way.
What kind of cake was it, by the way?

Kim said...

Yes Way.....and it was FUNFETTI Cake!!

Sarita said...

16? That's a little bit crazy. And how cute is he? A heartbreaker I bet.

beans said...

I love Ryan's face. Such a 16 year old boy look. And Christi's kids are way adorable.

Britten said...

Yes, classic boy turned 16 face. I love it! Funfetti cake? My favorite!

Chrisi's kids are soooo cute!