Saturday, April 10, 2010

Wonderful friends - Corinne and Melanie
more sweet friends...Kellie and Erika
more sweet friends: Allyson, Linda, Me, Robin and Teri
My sons Ryan and Sean

My grandson Nathan and my daughter Leslie


Scrapally said...

It was an honor and privilege to be with you there today! It was FUN! I have some more cute pics I will send to ya!

Lady Linda said...

I had so much fun today, and I surprised myself at being able to walk as far as we did. You were impressive Kim.... quite the leader today. Thanks for asking me to come, it was great to be able to participate.

Amanda and McKay said...

I was there in spirit!! I love you!

breena rae said...

how cool is that! so fun that so many came to support. I love you and hope you're feeling great! Keep up the painting by and my mom are a hoot.