Saturday, April 10, 2010

MS Walk today with my Family and Friends....

look at that orange lei's radioactive!!! Here's me walking with Grant....I could choose no greater walking companion than my sweet grandson. PRECIOUS!!!

Leslie, my mom and my niece Aimee

The lovely, bright ORANGE lei and MS hat the folks from the MS Society sent me to wear today(Does ANYONE really look good in orange? hmmmmm....) :

My daughter Christi and my grandchildren having some food after the walk.
Sweet Sarah nibbling on an apple.
My wonderful son in law Ryan and my grandsons Grant and Nathan.

My wonderful husband Royce pushing our son Sean in the wheelchair (he broke his leg last month) ...Our grandson Grant leisurely enjoying the ride.


Observer Of Life said...

Well done you! All of you! Great pics too ... But where's the picture of you?!?! ;-)

Grandmotherfairy said...

Congratulations Kim! I am so proud of you! Hopefully next year I will be with you!

Christi Budge said...

We love you!

Sarita said...

Looks like it was great. Loves!