Thursday, January 22, 2009

I've Been Tagged - Things about my Husband

This is the youngest photo I could find of Royce at the moment and of course, it means it's "young" of me too! Accentuated by the fact that I'm wearing pigtails (this was a Halloween Party - I didn't always dress like this!!!) - I look completely like a child! I'm amazed that I was ever so young and thin! Anyway...this post isn't about is about the nicest man I know!

here goes:
5 of Royce's Favorite Things:
1. Football games on t.v. - I'm sure he has a favorite team...I should know that, but I don't right now.
2. Christmas shopping on Christmas Eve
3. Snow
4. Spending time with me and his family.
5. Working in the yard....he has a gift of gardening.

5 things on his TO DO list:
1. travel to Washington D.C.
2. travel the church history sites
3. travel to England with me - and Italy
4. build Sean a treehouse
5. build a river rock fountain in our backyard

5 Favorite Snacks:
1. sunflower seeds
2. potato chips
3. Raisinettes
4. Hershey's with Almonds bars
5. Reese's Peanut Butter Cups

5 Facts you might not know about him:
1. every time he's gone somewhere on a business trip he meets someone famous - Rudy Guiliani,
Ken Starr, Chuck Norris (not kidding) - we have pictures to prove it.
2. he saved a lady from a burning house once (again, not kidding)
3. he would sit through any chick flick just for me.
4. he'd sit through Twilight just for me - twice.
5. he is so nice - he sees the good in everyone. I can't say I've met a nicer person...ever.

5 Quirky Things:
1. he hates touching money because of the germs.
2. he wears socks around the house in summer because he still gets cold when it's an oven outside!
3. he HAS TO work on the yard - it's compulsive - like how some women have to clean house, he has to have a clean yard.
4. he will only use an edger on the lawn not a weed wacker to trim the edges
5. he used to drive up to get a load of fresh snow from the mountains on Christmas morning every year so the kids could have snow to play in after opening their Christmas presents. I know he'd still do it if I let him.

five people I tag: Caleen, Christi, Lori, Britten, Stella


Robin said...

I love that picture and I think you and Royce have not changed a bit !! You're both still as cute as ever !!!!!

Robin said...

Kim, Hill says to tell you, you're soooo cute !!!

christina said...

i seriously wouldn't have known if that was taken yesterday. you both look exactly the same!

Britten said...

Aww! Royce is such a sweet man and....

You guys are HOT!!!

Grandmother Fairy said...

He is a wonderful, kind man...and you both look darling!!!

Krysta said...

What a fun post! I love the picture. You two have always been so cute!

Caleen said...

You both look the same.. really...
Royce has always been such a kind,loving, friend. I definitely would pick him to be on my team.. (if I was on a team).. You really are a beautiful pair!! It was fun learning some new things about him..