Saturday, January 24, 2009

Always a treasure hiding under the ice...

I told you in my previous post about Royce and his love for the snow. I don't love it. I love the look of it, and I love to watch it from a window - preferably from inside a warm car or room - but I don't like the after-effects of it...never good...always wet, always cold to the bone.
I love this picture by Mary Engelbreit. The moment is warm and dry and for me captures that perfect moment after a particularly long storm when one finds that there are rewards still waiting. That's how I feel after this long month - waiting on the tests from the doctor.
I've felt cold and I've felt worried and sometimes chilled to the bone, but I've also felt warm beyond all description. No matter will all be okay. Thank you to my friends and family who make me feel it will be alright. I can do anything through Christ who gives me strength. And He has given me the greatest friends so already, I'm ahead of the game. Thank you all for your constant care and encouragement.
It's all good!


Caleen said...

This was a beautiful post. I love Mary engelbreit.. She is an amazing artist. I know you've been worried but, you have a wonderful attitude. I know it will be o.k. You are loved and cherished. You are letting go and allowing the Savior's peace settle upon you. Love you.

Robin said...

I was once praying for something that was of infinite importance to me. The Spirit spoke peace to my heart saying "All would be well". In my human mind I thought it meant my wishes would be fulfilled. But in that time I learned all indeed would be well, but it does not always mean in the way I wish it to be. Because I always truly want the Lord's will to be, I always ask for that... and so it is not always the way I think it should be, in fact it is rarely the way I wanted it to go !! But all is well, "Our God is in charge", he has blessed me beyond my capacity to receive, especially in friends who are awe inspiring, you are truly the sweetest soul and a picture of grace under fire !! I love to laugh with you !! Thanks for being there for me even in your time of trial !! Love Ya R

Observer Of Life said...

You are fab and an inspiration!!
I love what robin says.. it reiterates what I said about sometimes we don't get what we expect...Heavenly Father's plans are sometimes not what we expect..... but when we put our trust in the Lord.. everything will be ok, cos we can cope with anything!!!

Rachel said...

test results? I'll say a prayer for you and you'll have to fill me in. I love your post on Royce--that he would get truckloads of snow!!! I remember your yard always being PERFECT.

Rachelslope said...

test results? Are you ok?