Thursday, December 25, 2008

I finally got to hold Baby Sarah today!!!!

My mom's nativity that i love and i liked the pic of the happy boys in the sweet.
Leslie made a popcorn cake inspired by was wonderful!!!

and...Leslie also made these fabulous little brownie pop good. I know i've gained 10 pounds just today!

My first time getting to hold Baby wonderful!!!

We had a nice Christmas together! One of the highlights for me was that I'm finally over my cold and cough and could actually hold Sarah. She is precious and wonderful.
Merry Christmas to all my sweet friends...and here's to the Happiest New Year Ever!!!


Robin said...

I am so excited for you !! I can't wait for Hill to have babies !!! I do love her sister's baby like he is my grandchild !! So I am a grandma sort of !! I am really glad you are now over your cold, and you look adorable holding that adorable baby girl !! That is a wonderful nativity too!! Okay I am overboard with the exclamations today !! The desserts look awesome too !!! Love you R

Caleen said...

That little Leslie is a good cook..
Looks yummy.. baby Sarah is so sweet.What a special day to hold a child. A great reminder that miracles and blessings do exist.. you saw it in her.. She is a gift from God and you look so peaceful and happy.. So glad you had a nice day...

Grandmother Fairy said...

Congratulations look radiant!!! Remember this IS the season of you!!!

Britten said...

I'm so glad you finally got to hold her. I'm guessing that was your favorite gift. =)

I love your new motto too. Like others, I will have to steal it too.

Sarita said...

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas.