Friday, October 01, 2010

a sweet gifted high chair for my Bee that
this is the first thing I see when I step down into the room.
entrance into bead room -
hanging - a sweet bird mobile Christi made me!
and a lovely very very old Victorian print of a husband
and wife
with their new baby that Royce bought me
 long ago...I think
I was expecting Ryan at that time.

Shelves from my childhood hold lots of memories from
my childhood, or my children's childhoods and
maybe even
those of a few know who you are!
art from Ryan and Sean from years ago...along with
and wings and more favorite things!

ugly air conditioner tying to be hid

there's a bowl that belonged to my grandma filled
with shells from Walmart...
we never found shells that looked THAT good out here on
the central coast. And next to that, a
painting i won in a contest at the fair once. 
it's a pretend window out onto my beach.
the "scripture of the day" board....that one has been there for
one i rely on alot.
beads, beads and more beads....but surprisingly, there's
 really never enough

Robin, the 2 tier tray isn't just for cookies
anymore.....make way for other treats!!

Laura Webster brought me tons of treasures from
her friend Angelica.
I love looking through them and finding ways to organize them.
i have noticed while
going through Angelica's collection
 that "bead people" tend to collect similar things...
odd things like tiny plastic toy seals, and broken earrings,
 tiny pieces of sea glass saved
in jars, bits of chains, etc.
 it has been a wonderful way to relax.

Caleen's of the many pieces that are in
this it.

more kids art...but mostly favorite cards people
 have sent me.
the colors inspire me and the love
makes me feel happy.

sunflowers remind me of someone i really
really love and miss....

this little bear is tired of summer too and
 can't wait to wear
her fur coats....soon, please be soon.

yes, vegetables and fruits even
 inspire me!!

Caleen again feeding my need for
the ocean...

very first bracelet i made about
8 years ago....aww.....

I am happy right here!!!  Thank you
Erika and Kellie!


Scrapally said...

love, love, love it! It all just screams KIM!! Thank you for sharing your personal space with us. love you!

lori said...

What a fun room! I was hoping to see you at the R.S. broadcast the other evening to show you how perfect the necklace and earrings were. I love them!

Amanda and McKay said...

I think I need a bead room! I love it. It is so cozy and lovely...


Robin said...

I love it Kim !! It speaks of joy !!! and ways to make things that bring gladness to anothers heart !!

Allison said...

wow how cool! i'm so glad you have a space to create in!!

Caleen said...

It is a tiny peace of Heaven :) Love it and it is so inspiring for you. I am happy you have a place to create such Beauty! Love you

Grandmotherfairy said...

I love your room...I would spend lots of hours in there...