Monday, March 24, 2008

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter!

Nathan finding an egg with help from Jason and Leslie

Little Grant on the move - he found out there was money in those eggs at Great Grandma and Grandpa's house...he had his pockets filled with coins by the time all was said and done.

My little Sean...growing up....still enjoying the egg hunt

Nathan and my mom

my other "little" longer interested in the egg hunt - but content with a soda and with giving out hints to the little ones.

The little bunnies hard at work coloring Easter Eggs on Saturday afternoon!

The annual Humpty Dumpty Egg...don't know who started the tradition on that one!


Stella said...

Looks like you had a fab time... love the egg colouring (that how us Brits spell colour) thing... we don't do that here. How do you get the patterns on them? I noticed the crayons on the table... do you use them?

Christi Budge said...

Cute pictures, Mom! You are quite the photographer. I believe the Humpty Dumpty Egg was started by my Ryan....I think it was last year one of the eggs was broken, and he made it into Humpty Dumpty.

Amanda said...

Looks like lots of family fun!

I can't believe how old Ryan looks! I remember seeing little Ryan running around. I guess I'm getting old...

Kim said...

Stella - The kids always draw on the eggs with the crayons and then when you dip it in the egg dye, the color won't stick to where there is crayon markings.

Christi - I do believe you are right that it was your Ryan who made the fist Humpty Dumpty...but it seems like it's been longer than one year of a tradition! haha...or my mind is really slipping.

Mandy - yes, Ryan is suddenly tall and grown. He is 16. I barely remember him running around, but i know he did. Time goes quickly. You used to be 12 once and I picked you up to babysit for my kids! that seems like forever ago and yet not all that long ago.

beans said...

glad you had a happy easter with your family, Kim. What year in school is Ryan now?
And who is the handsome that Leslie is with?

beans said...

oh...I just read your response to Amanda...he's 16.