Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Royce and I celebrated our 25th Anniversary in Carmel...it was wonderful.

You can probably see from the pictures that a big storm rolled in as we helplessly watched. We did have a few periods of non rain...and enjoyed a gorgeous drive down the Pacific Coast Highway. Unfortunately I didn't get to take any photographs of the beautiful scenery - my camera died. So sad...it may be time for a new camera......and another trip to Carmel!


Caleen said...

So pretty kim!! I love Carmel.. What a gorgeous place and beautiful country.. I am glad you had a great
time.. I know it is important to spend precious time together.. I would like to go there soon.. but, I won't take the kids.. they loved the area but, No fast food.. ha!! It is quite expensive.. I don't think the younger one's appreciate it as much as we do... :}

Krysta said...

Those pictures are beautiful! It makes me miss the California beaches.

beans said...

lucky! ya, I am missing California for sure! Where is spring?
you're a great photographer, you know.

Kim said...

well Breena, Thank you for the compliment on being a good photography but listen...THE SCENERY was made by Heavenly Father and anyone could take a nice picture of something that was naturally stunning.

yes...Krysta...and Breena...i bet you miss the beaches in California- they miss you too.

Caleen....we should drive to carmel sometime during the week and just look around. there were millions of shops but royce had no interest and i didn't want to bug him.