Friday, August 03, 2007

Sean's Playdough Day...

Sean has begged me the entire summer to make homemade playdough and I always change the subject and pretend to not really hear him. So, I gave in today and this is the happy sight I came across when I went into the kitchen. Any day now he'll never ever want to make playdough again and make me a tray full of hearts. So, I decided that as long as he wants playdough I'll make it for him - no more changing the subject and trying to get out of it. He's definately my little sweet heart. Since posting this picture he has smashed the hearts and is making them into Star Wars figures, light sabers and ships.


Britten said...

Aww...see? He was showing you how much love he felt for you now that you made him the playdough. How sweet!

But I feel your pain....I often change the subject when there's something that just sounds too darn hard and messy.

Star Wars figures and ships, eh? Now we're talkin'!

Hobo said...

HAAA! You change the subject! That is HILARIOUS. What a cute boy... Star Wars is the best.